• Polina Gazeeva


Updated: Feb 21, 2020

So soft and warm you are laying there on my legs.

Hugging my thighs with both arms as if they were a pillow under your head.

I like the pressure of your body's weight.

It presses me down to the bed,

and I start to breath.

Maybe the impermanence is what makes it invaluable,

But I beg you to not let go in any time in the future.

Because I feel as soon as you do,

-(I know it's not true, but broken bones never really heal the same and the idea of the pain is more scary than the pain itself)-

Disillusion will lift me up

And smash me against the ceiling of my own room.

And I will go unconscious and fly off in the opened window that I forgot to close.

And I'll have nothing to grab onto.

But for now gravity works.

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