Figurative artist exploring personal motifs through the imagery of bodies




 My name is Polina Gazeeva, I am a Russian-born artist currently living in Hannover, Germany. I create expressive figurative paintings and drawings. My works often depict distorted human bodies with mutilated or exaggerated body parts. Through my art I try to confront the inner, unconscious, spiritual part of me that is hard to articulate through words or even access with conscious thought. I work intuitively, seeing where the work takes me as I sit back and follow. I find peace in conceptualising my works as their own beings that manifest through me. I started painting female bodies many years ago. Back then it was more about the emotional turmoil I was going through and the relationship between oneself and the body. Now it has developed into something much more complex and is not so simply explained anymore.

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Hannover, Germany

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